Thousand Islands Meeting
Kingston, Ontario    CANADA

Children's Programs

Children are welcome in Meeting. Although many children would find the entire hour of stillness difficult, most can manage the first five or ten minutes. Many parents take this time to hold their children close. Others bring spiritual reading for the children to help them centre.

Childcare is available from September to June. Early in the Meeting, one of the adults will rise and take the children to a separate room, where they will have lessons and activities. They will return just before Meeting ends. After the end of Meeting, the children will teach us about what they have learned. Their ministry is an important part of the Meeting.

After Meeting, there is always tea and cookies, so that starving tummies don't have to wait to get home.


At meeting, relax and let your baby be with you. My small daughter called it "the best cuddle of the week" when I couldn’t rush off and do something busy. It’s not easy for the parents to believe that their child’s gurglings actually help the meeting, rather than interrupt it. Nonetheless, that is true, and you shouldn’t give way to the temptation to take a happily babbling child out of the meeting (though howling is something different!).
Anne Hosking, 1986
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