Thousand Islands Meeting
Kingston, Ontario    CANADA


Information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Facts about Friends
Introductory pamphlet on Quakers by Ted Hoare of Australia Yearly Meeting
A collection of writings about Friends and links to other sites
QUEST: Quaker Ecumenical Seminars in Theology
A Journal and Forum for Discussion and Study
The Online Meeting for Worship
An Internet site in the style of a Quaker meeting 

Canadian Quakers
Canadian Yearly Meeting is the corporate body of Friends in Canada. It meets annually to discuss national issues and make decisions.
Canadian Friends Service Committee
Canadian Friends Service Committee acts on the peace and social justice concerns of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada.

Other Quaker Organizations

A list of unprogrammed Friends Meetings in North America
Friends General Conference
A North American organization of unprogrammed meetings, providing resources and education. Canadian Yearly Meeting is affiliated with FGC.
Friends United Meeting
A North American organization of programmed Quaker churches. Canadian Yearly Meeting is affiliated with FUM.

Other Links

Kingston Churches and Houses of Worship
List maintained by the Kingston economic development commission.
Quaker Blog Watch
   Martin Kelley of Philadelphia maintains this list of Quaker blogs around the world, with links and descriptions.

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